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The smudgy art effect is appealing and the negative space formed by the trunk of the tree balances well with Carlos's form and the more...

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RPGMaker Basic Terrains
I'm digging through old files again.  These are some textures I made while attempting to make my own RPG Maker tilesets.  Since I don't have a complete set right now, I figured I might as well offer them up to whoever wants to make use of them.

If you do use them in a project, I'd appreciate knowing about it, and I'd appreciate credit.  Neither of those things are necessary; use it however you like.  Appropriate credit would include "by Arkylie Killingstad" and a link to this page.
Crazy Experimentation Piece
I'm pretty sure this is something I made at some point where my brain thought it was cool enough to not let go of even though it's a mess.

My best guess is experimentation with Tux Paint, and all the many awesome tools that program has to offer.  The most obvious tool is that grass down there, in multiple colors, because that's a thing you can do with Tux Paint.

...I should really get back to using Tux Paint.  I originally picked it up as a neat-looking paint program for my nephew, and it did the job of letting him doodle around unsupervised (you can lock the mouse to the window, so he couldn't mess with my files).  But it turned out to have a lot of utility, and I enjoyed using it too.  Of course, nowadays I can get a fair amount of that utility from GIMP, but there's always a question of how much effort it would take to learn how to use it (or to set it up) in GIMP, compared to being able to use it quickly and easily in Tux.

Anyway.  Enjoy the crazy!
Tabletop Wedding Present
When my friends got married, I tried my hand at making their tabletop characters into bridesmaids.

Big Bertha there is from Shadowrun (and generally a lot more warlike, but she's also a prostitute and lounge singer)... also those puffs on her shoulders probably wouldn't cover the spikes), while Luna is from Pathfinder (a kitsune ninja, who was pretty badass even at low level).  I don't think that's actually her color scheme, but I didn't really have info on that at the time, and decided to go for a silver instead of a red fox.

Really like the way the clothes turned out, especially the skirt on the dress.  Shading was fun here, and the background is just a palette gradient that I brushed a bit to make it more interesting.  The most time-consuming bit, but which I also think turned out crazy awesome, was the fur.
AGC Tanjoubi Duo
Two close friends share the same birthday, and happened to play characters who became very close friends.  In 2015, this was my present to them.

I had to play around with light quite a bit, lots more shading than I usually indulge in, and stronger shading because the magical light was pretty bright.  I'm not convinced that I got the colors right, but I was trying some new techniques regarding the use of colors while shading (not just making things darker, but using contrasting colors as part of the shadow), which had an interesting effect.  Same with trying to deal with a translucent curtain.

I'm also not that happy with the design of either dress, especially the hang of the fabrics for the skirts.  But I like the sleeves, especially the redhead's shawl kind of thing.  I think I was working from some designs drawn by another friend of ours, so the outfit designs probably aren't original to me (though I'm not gonna go check right now).

That thing on the shelf is a hat box.  The redhead is making a magical hat as a present for the blonde, and is startled when the blonde unexpectedly walks in.
Off to War (earlier version)
Definitely not as polished as the final version.  The one amusing part is the paragraph about Clint Eastwood's expy Flint Kingsblood; in the final version, it's better reporting, but here it reads more like a forum or gossip magazine:

"Flint Kingsblood sings his own songs.  Upon hearing his voice on a gnomish sound-replication device, he declared, to the disappointment of thousands of fans, that he would never sing again.  (This goes to show the danger of using devices in the prototype stage.)"


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